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Horse Sponsorships & Youth Programs

Our horse sponsorship program provides an introductory step toward “getting your feet wet” with horses. A significant need of FVHR is financial support for our rescued animals. A second critical need is to expose these horses to healthy, caring human contact. Our sponsorship programs afford the opportunity for these primary needs to come together for mutual benefit to both horse and human.

Horse/Pony Sponsorship ($100/month) – This is a year-round program that allows you to financially support one or more horses while enjoying minimal to moderate equine contact. Your monthly donation of $100 or more will cover one horse’s feed and care, while providing you the chance to select a specific horse to call your own as sponsor. You will be encouraged to come visit your sponsored horse or pony, regularly if desired, and you can receive email updates and photos. This is a great way to help FVHR with the critical needs of rescuing horses, while developing a personal relationship with a horse, if desired.   You are also eligible to participate in any of the monthly group educational clinics or individual lessons with your sponsorship package.   If you want to know that your dollars are vitally helping in horse rehabilitation, then this is the program for you! 

Summer Youth Education Program  ($125/month) – This program operates during the summer months to provide a limited number of youth with supervised horse sponsorship time and training. Participants have the opportunity to learn to care for horses, receive equine education, and participate in volunteer projects at the Far View Horse Rescue facility in Fairplay. This is a fun, hands-on program, allowing kids to bond with horses by assisting with feeding, grooming, cleaning, facility care and learning basic horse ground and riding skills. Youth participate in improvement projects and horsemanship work, which grants them a sense of accomplishment. As these youth grow in skills, they learn to train and assist others in similar growth and development, thereby gaining leadership skills under the guidance of FVHR adults. This learning experience provides them with hands-on overview of horse care, training, and safety elements, which must precede consideration of equine ownership.