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Horses and Ponies
Current Rescue Horses & Ponies
Bhagya (Lucky) (on left) is a mid-teens Quarter Horse 15.1 hh. and about 15 years old.    She is a beautiful mare that would make a great pasture companion!   She has been a brood mare all her life.   She is ready to be loved and trained.  She is halter broke, carries a saddle and does well in round pen.   Very sweet but shy.   Needs a quiet and gentle human partner   Adoption fee:  $350  VIDEO
Xtra Whiskey (on left)  is a gelding in his late teens Paint that is 16hh.    Has been out in pasture for the past 6 years, so his ground skills are rusty.   He has lots of spirit, is curious and has lots of energy.   He will need a first hand to remind him of his manners.  Has had some training.  Adoption fee:  $700  VIDEO   
Zara (on right) is a 19 year old mare that is about 15.2 hh Morgan.  Zara craves attention and is gentle in nature and loves to be groomed.   Great for light riding and needs shoes on front for riding.   Would be a great companion horse.    Adoption fee:   $300
Bojangles (right) is about 10 years old.    A beautiful bay gelding that is 14 hh.   Comes to the Rescue with an unknown past after roaming free for a few years.   He now stands patiently while being groomed, picks up all four legs and trailer loads.   He is very kind, curious, sweet and is in training with Rescue team members.   Great feet and we think he would make a great all around horse.   Bojangles is up to date on his vaccinations, worming and trimming.   Adoption fee:   $475 
Yoda (right) is a cute 3 year old burro that is reddish/brown in coloring.   This Jenny was originally from Marietta, Nevada and was in captivity for a short time.   She is curious and wants to learn to trust.  Adoption fee:   $450​
Quintano (left) is a Shetland pony that is around 9 years old.   He is a handsome brown/black gelding pony with a cute personality.   He loves being rubbed and fussed over.  Calm and affectionate and is a curious little guy.   Great pulling the pony cart as well as having small children ride him.   Stands well for the farrier.   He is ready for a forever home.   Adoption fee:   $575
Frances  (right) is a 7 year old gray burro originally from California.   This John is curious and a fun little burro.   Adoption fee:   $400