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Adoption  - Happy Endings
Simply complete an adoption application and we will be in touch.  Click here for an adoption form. 

Adoption Fees vary based on the level of horse training. 

Far View Horse Rescue is designed to provide rescue services and rehabilitation care for horses in need, with the ultimate objective being the adoption and placement of our prepared horses to permanent, loving homes. Each owner is carefully screened to ensure a healthy, mutually-beneficial match is secured for both horse and owner. We seek long-term security and positive experience for everyone involved in our adoption processes.

With the transfer of horse ownership from FVHR to a new owner, all financial responsibilities transition from Far View to the new owner, including boarding, feeding, training, medical, farrier and general horse care and maintenance. FVHR is available for consultation and training opportunity following the adoption process, and ongoing contact will be in place for some term to ensure the placement is going well for all parties involved.  

FVHR seeks to serve the local horse community as a training and resource center. Our adopting owners retain a position of importance and accessibility to us for the promotion of their successful adoption experience. The rates for adoption vary depending upon horses and training levels.