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About Far View Horse Rescue
Board of Directors

Kimberly Kissmann, Chairman
Laura Horvath- Vice Chairman
Lisa Ferguson, Secretary
Teresa Milewski, Treasurer
Donna Miller - Committee Chair
Michele Mallory- Member at Large 
Taylor Horvath- Youth Board Member

Thank you to the following Business Sponsors:

Breckenridge Grand Vacations   

Peaks Veterinary Service - 19677 Hwy 285, Nathrop.   719-395-6250.   Mobile large animal care.  

You might think the Far View Horse Rescue is just about saving horses. That is obviously the main objective but the Rescue is so much more!    The Far View is Certified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.  

Summer Youth Partner/Rehabilitation Program - In the summer while kids are out of school they can be paired with a rescue horse that they lease for a nominal fee.  Under close supervision they are responsible for caring, feeding and training their horse.    During this incredible experience kids learn confidence, understanding of rescue horses and responsibility.    Limited participants and previous experience with horses required.   

Gelding & Operation Application Program - part of the Rescue’s mission is controlling the horse population with a Gelding Fund. Through various Equine Grants that the Rescue has secured,  underprivileged horse owners can submit an application to receive funds to assist in gelding their stallions.   Click here for application.    

Educational Programs - monthly clinics are offered teaching basic skills for the nominal fee of only $25.   You can participate in the clinics with your own horse or borrow a horse from the Rescue.  No experience is necessary to participate.   Members can borrow any of the resource books offered at the Rescue for free.    Just have questions, we are happy to help!  

Volunteers - lots of volunteers from every age and experience level participate in the Rescue.    Call to volunteer.

I am just in love with everything out at the Rescue and commend you all to the fullest for starting such an amazing organization.  Not only are you saving these magnificent creatures and finding them homes they deserve - the work you're doing for kids and volunteers is immeasurable as well.   We hope to continue to be a part for years to come!   Laura H.   
Far View Horse Rescue
P.O. Box 1529
Fairplay, CO 80440